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Data Sharing with API Web Services


Data sharing with community partners is a valuable tool for maximizing your 211 profile and data maintenance return on investment. The fastest and easiest way to share data is with API web services. You can authorize any community partner to request your data for any project. And you can license the API services to monetize your data contributions.

  • Navigate has a robust library of API Web Services that provide real-time data to any project that wants to display the data in websites, mobile apps, data visualization or business intelligence tools, or research apps.
  • Thereʼs no need for staff to create export data files for sharing. Thatʼs time consuming and so 20th Century.
  • Your valuable data remains securely housed in your system. Thereʼs no need for separate datastores outside your control.
  • Navigate API Web Services respond in real-time to any authorized request for data. Youʼre confident your community partners will receive fresh accurate information. No “stale data” embarrassments. Your 211 offers the data sharing through the latest best technology. A big selling point for your community partner projects.
  • You can share real-time 211 contact and referral data as well as service provider and program information. Select the API Web Services you wish to license, authorize a developer or community partner to use your licensed services at your price point, and start sharing data. Itʼs that simple with Navigate.

211Counts Service Integration

Navigate offers real-time data streams for the website. The website can request up to the second fresh data anytime 24/7/365. You have confidence the information displaying for your 211 organization (statewide, regional, or local) is accurate and current.